51 countries established the United Nations also known as the UN on October 24, 1945 with the intentions of preserving peace through international cooperation and collective security. Over the years the UN has grown in numbers to include 185 countries, thus making the organization and its family of agencies the largest in an effort to promote world stability. Since 1954 the UN and its organizations have received the Nobel Peace Prize on 5 separate occasions. The first in 1954 awarded to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva, for its assistance to refugees, and finally in 1988 to the United Nations Peace-keeping Forces, for its peace-keeping operations. As you can see, the United Nations efforts have not gone without notice.

The UN has made strides toward and continues to fight for world peace, but this however is not the only function of the agency. Environmental protection, Human rights, health and medical research, alleviation of poverty and economic development, emergency and disaster relief, and labor and workers’ rights are just a sample of what the UN continues to battle as the year 2000 approaches.
The United Nations has made many achievements since the agreement made in 1945. The efforts of the UN helped end the apartheid in South Africa allowing the citizens of South Africa equal participation in the Elections of April 1994 followed by a consensus in choosing a form of government. 90 percent of children in developing countries attend school and 60 percent of adults in these countries can read and write thanks to the UN and the struggle to improve education in developing countries. Over 300 international treaties have been created through United Nations efforts to strengthen international law. These achievements and many others encourage people like myself to promote and praise the United Nations.
Without the UN the world would be a bigger place full of confusion and hatred. The efforts of this world organization have improved global life for all of its citizens and will continue to do so for many years to come. We need to abide by the principles of the UN charter: maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, cooperate in solving international problems, promoting respect for human rights, and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations if we wish to solve many of the problems facing our world today and for years to come.

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May be right now someone is writing a letter. The letter is addressed to a president or king, a general. The letter is about someone the writer does not know. The writer is an ordinary person who has never met a king or a general.
The writer is one of the 200000 members of Amnesty International. This organization was started in 1961 to help people who are put in prison only because of their race, their religion, or their beliefs. They neither used violence nor suggested that others use it. There are over half a million of these prisoners.
In the main AI office in London, people gather information about prisoners in over one hundred countries. They send this information to A groups in more than forty countries. Each group receives information on two prisoners from countries of different political system. Then the members start writing letters.
A government that holds prisoners receives hundreds of letters. Each letter asks very politely that the prisoners be freed. The world cares about them.
AI works in other ways. It writes reports on government and prisons. These reports are printed in newspapers. Sometimes it sends a famous lawyer to attend a trail or to talk with important people in the government. It helps the families of prisoners. The pressure never stops. So far, thousands of prisoners have been freed because of others have received better food, visits from their families, or medical care.
In 1977, AI received the Nobel Peace Prize, one of the most important international prizes that any person or organization can win. It won the prize because thousands of ordinary people care enough about human rights to write letters.
In 1945 leaders from 41 countries met in San Francisco and organized the United Nations. World War 2 had just ended. Millions of people had died, and there was destruction everywhere. People hoped they could build a future of world peace with this new organization.
The UN has four main goals and p…