After the devastations of the Second World War, and the devastations of the Holocaust, we realized our lack of action.The United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and France came to a conclusion that a world peace organization needed to be established.However, there was an existing peace establishment before World War II: the League of Nations.This was set up due to World War I, under President Wilson.His proposal and creation of the League of Nations was not strong enough to prevent World War II.

Therefore, something larger, something more collective, was now necessary in After World War II and as a result of the meeting of fifty nations in San Francisco, a charter for the United Nations was produced.Even though the purposes were vaguely proposed initially, they became clearly stated in four points:(1) to maintain world peace, (2) to promote justice, (3) to increase the world's general welfare, and (4) to establish human rights.Along with these purposes, the United Nations also established six major organizations to carry out its responsibilities. Each organization carried out different tasks, yet they worked collectively together under the United Nations organization.First of all, something was needed to simply prevent war.

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This was mainly the job of the Security Council, made up of the Big Five countries with permanent Security Council membership, and six other countries elected for two-year terms.These countries formed an international military force, in order to check any aggression around the world.All member nations are represented in the General Assembly, which recommends peaceful settlements in potentially violent disputes.The Economic and Social Council studies economic, social, cultural and health problems in the world and makes recommendations to specific countries or to the ..