After the failure of 1848-1849 revolution, piedmont became the beacon hope of hope for nationalist.

This is because of victor Emanuel II were willing to pay indemnity to Austria for keeping the constitution. No other states in the peninsula were able sustain their constitution after the replacement of their ancient regime rulers. This was added with Piedmont position as a buffer state between France and Austria. If Austria fully makes Piedmont under their control, this will make France unhappy.

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Due to these advantages, Piedmont had national perspective towards uniting Italy. Piedmont was very lucky when victor Emanuel II appointed Camillo De Cavour as prime minister. He held two great policies which determined Italy's future. Firstly, to make Piedmont-Sardinia as progressive and dominant state in Italy.

Second, to modernize Piedmont and to isolate Austria and later Piedmont become supreme in the peninsula. Before he became prime minister, he held several important posts such as minister of commerce and agriculture and the minister of navy and finance. Through Cavour's policies, he keeps economic reforms as a major issue. This is due to his background where before he involved in politics, he went to England and France which undergone industrialization at that time. When he became prime minister he adopted his experiences.

For example the establishment bank of Genoa, development of railway and develop the infrastructure in piedmont. Not only that he also made free-trade treaties with Belgium, France and Britain, which later helped in modernizing piedmont. At the same time Cavour tried to reduce the power and the privileges of the church.

Therefore, he and Victor Emanuel II passed Sicardi law of 1850 which abolished hundreds of monasteries and describing them as'impediments of social progress'. From this it helps to provide for the state and strengthened Piedmont's economy. Because of fast growing moderniz.