As soon as American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the north tower of
the World Trade Center, America changed.America was no longer a virgin
to the evils and hatred that the real world offered.The ideals that
America was impervious to attacks and threats were shattered, and fear
took its place.Will terrorists hijack another plane?Will mysterious
bombings happen?Could my mail be infected with anthrax?Though many
of these fears slowly subsided, they are still there.To combat some of
these fears the government implemented many things such as the USA
Patriot Act, but at a cost to freedoms.Though not everyone may agree
with these actions, these measures are now here.All of this has
affected American citizens, and even people around the world.While
many people were directly affected by this disaster, such as the
victims, everyone was indirectly affected.Now a year has passed, and
September 11th has changed America in good and bad ways such as
governmental structure and responsibility, economic impact, social
America had to adapt to the devastation caused by these terrorists.
Many people wondered how a tragedy could happen at this magnitude.How
could the government let this happen?Civilians were asking questions
and looking for answers.Eventually people found out there were many
warnings and observations that could have lead to the prevention of the
terrorist attacks.The government denied that it was preventable, while
others said that it could have if all the pieces of information were put
together.Whether or not, the government would have to change it
policies and way of gathering and sorting information to prevent another
such terrorist attack.One of thefirst changes by the government was
that the FAA stopped all flights in the United States of America.This
was to try to prevent any other planes from being possibly hijacked, and
to account for eve…