Unfair Treatment for Native Americans Our forefathers forced thousands Native Americans were forced to leave their homes.

They faced massacres that caused their population to decrease immensely.Between 1880-1980 half of Native American Children was drove form their home to boarding schools hundreds of miles away to be deculturized.Native American babies were adopted into Euro-American families and were never to find out who they were or where they originated from.

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Less than thirty years ago the United State's Indian Health Service (IHS) conducted a program of involuntary sterilization that effected approximately forty percent of all Indian Women.IHS also gave Alaskan children the hepatitis B vaccine, a banned vaccine that correlates with the HIV virus.Thousands suffered and died of malnutrition and disease due to the circumstances America created.America surely bent over backwards to kill off the Indian population. At about the junior high age level Children will learn about the Holocaust, a time period when Germans liquidated thousands of innocent Jews.United States schools will stress how awful this was and how evil the Germans were.While this may be true, the United States has alike history with Germany.

School children are not taught how cruel and evil our forefathers were.Some of the German leaders were hung after the Holocaust for their "Crimes against humanity."No one was ever punished for all of the wrong doing to the Native American people. While what Americans did to the Native Americans may not be as extreme as the Holocaust, it is not excusable.

What America did was indeed a "Crime against Humanity." Today the United States Native Names are used to name professional sports teams such- Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins.Along with the team names the U.S.

Also uses the Indian mascots such as- feathers, beads, buckskins, spears, etc.Despite th..