Such persons feel good about themselves, as they have sense of self-respect for themselves. Such persons have realistic sense of their capabilities and try to make best use of their abilities, as a result of which they remain successful in different spheres of life.

Not only this, such persons feel comfortable with the other persons as they possess the ability to respect other’s views and to maintain intimate relationships with others. Such persons possess the ability to give love, consideration and respect to the personal differences of others and to feel responsible for their fellow human beings. Such persons know the manner in which tensions and anxiety can be kept under control, the main reason of which is that they recognize the underlying causes and symptoms of stress in their lives. Such persons do not blame others for any kind of mistake done by them.

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A psycho-socially person knows demands of his life and he possess the ability to meet such demands successfully. Such persons never try to accomplish any unrealistic goals in their life and they take thorough analysis of all the situations before taking any kind of decision. They understand the fact that human life is changeable and various kinds of changes also take place with time in living conditions, because of which they always remain ready to adapt themselves in accordance with the changed conditions. Such persons know that nothing is impossible in the world and with their positive outlook; they get indulged in various kinds of functions, and at last, remains successful in achieving positive results. Such persons not only lead a peaceful and joyful life but also enrich the lives of others people with such joy and peace.