I had just been whipped. I can remember it all to well. The master had always been nice to me but now he was being different.

His wife had gone away a few months ago and he had used me to be his belly warmer. I was then carrying his child and he still had the nerve to beat me. That day he was angry he found me lying in my quarters and he was mad because I wasn't out in the field doing all the work that I was supposed to. I had one of my friends cover for me because I was feeling pretty bad.

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He had gone out to the filed to look for me and couldn't find me. His wife was out of town again so I knew what he was coming for. He had whipped me and then told me to stay there he would be back. I knew that I had to run I had to protect my child and me. I tried to get up thefirst time, but it hurt to bad. The second time I got up trying to ignore the pain. I succeeded and then I went up to the kitchen.

Iknew the master would be awhile he was going to go drink his brandy because with out it he wouldn't be able to do to me what he wanted. When I got to the kitchen Miss Susie was there and she packed me up some food, I would need some so I could keep my energy up andmy baby fed. I was so happy that recently the master had sold his dogs. He was stupid, he didn't think any of his slaves would run because he thought he treated us well. He obviously didn't think that we were humans.

I then slipped out of the back door. I was then contemplating how long it would take for me to be free. I wasn't even going to think that there was a chance for me not to make it.

The master had inherited the plantation from his parents. It was in St. Louis, Missouri. I never understood why they would build a plantation so close to the free states. I probably had about a day or two walk. I had to walk during the night I was thankful that Mss Susie had given me her shoes because otherwise I would have to do with.