Under the new Constitution, the infant country of America began the long crawl to independence.The country began facing many problems as a new nation and slowly began to wade out from the international troubles that it faced.The 1790s brought on many foreign and domestic affairs for the United States to contend with but the country struggled through each one valiantly under the leadership of George Washington and John Adams. America was faced with the problems of its once former ally, France.The weakened power of France with its own civil war at hand went to war with the European powers in 1792.Washington responded with the Proclamation of Neutrality.

This Proclamation stated, "United States would "pursue a conduct friendly and impartial" toward the belligerent powers." However, Washington's move toward neutrality came too late.The day he signed the proclamation, a French war vessel captured a British ship name Grange in Delaware Bay and sailed it into Philadelphia.Some people strongly felt for the French like the Jeffersonian and felt that America had a debt to pay for the power, which had helped them in their own time of trouble.Citizen Genet dishonored Washington's policy by trying to encourage popular support in America for the French government.

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He continued to put American arms and crews aboard American ships and rushed them to sea."Genet even awarded American pirate crews two captured British brigantines and began shipping ammunition to France."Genet embarrassed Washington through his control in foreign matters on the American soil and even after Washington's refusal to change his position on the issue, he armed Little Sarah after continued warnings against and sent her to sea.Genet caused much trouble for Washington and after Washington wrote an "eight-thousand-word report" asking Genet be recalled,France replaced Genet with Joseph Baron Fauche..