The main point of this book is on President Thomas Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis's dreams of finding an all-water route to the Pacific Ocean; and explore the northern tributaries of the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers (whilst making natural and scientific observations).

Jefferson saw immense potential of Lewis, initially only as an assistant to the president's side. After a few years under Jefferson's belt, he wanted Lewis to direct the Discovery Corp to the west coast eager to enhance the United States awareness of the west. Lewis was about to transform the lives of many people, tribes and tradesmen. This book tells the story of a young Virginian with immense dreams. He hoped to change mankind and achieve something great, the Discovery Corp was going to accomplish just that.

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First he intricately planned the expedition along with President Jefferson. After months of preparation it was time to set off to the Missouri river. Along the Missouri is where he encountered thefirst Indians on the journey: the Oto, Sioux and Mandans. Lewis's troups encountered a few problems with the tribes but nothing that would hold them back. They were westward bound. The party crossed the Missouri to determine that two large rivers meet, they chose the south fork that curved into the Great falls. After many days, they ran into the Shoshoni party (this is where they hired an Indian guide named "Toby").

On the way home the men headed up east the "Columbia", which was a harder assignment then thought. They had determined to go overland as an alternative through water. Tribulations with snow had occurred, which was blocking trail. Upon reaching the Continental Divide Lewis and William Clark decided to divide up, Lewis wanted to take a small group of men and travel around the north.

A brawl broke out among them and some Indians but they came out undamaged. They had finally arrived in …