Ulysses S.

Grant was born July 3, 1822 he was originally named Hiram Ulysses Grant but it was changed to Ulysses S. Grant when he entered the army due to an error on his certificate. As a child he lived in a small cabin with his mother Hannah Simpson Grant and father Jesse R. Grant. Growing up in a cabin he learned to be successful which later helped him when he went into the military and to later become the president of the United States of America. Grant attended the Presbyterian Academy, from there Grant went to West Point military academy where he worked on becoming a horsemen; he graduated twenty- first in a class of thirty-one. From there he was assigned to active duty as a lieutenant in the fourth infantry. He fought many battles including the battle of Monterey and Molino Del Ray.

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From there he took leave to get married to Julia Dent and two years later his son Fredrick Dent Grant was born. After that He was promoted to captain and later to general of volunteers, many people thought he was unworthy of becoming a general because he was an alcoholic but when they mentioned it to President Abraham Lincoln he said ?gWell find out his favorite drink and send him a case of it for me then?h. During this time as captain and general he fought many important battles such as the attack on fort Henry and the wilderness campaigns against General Robert E. Lee which ended up with Lee?fs surrender at the Apatomox.

After his career in the military Grant moved on to become secretary of war and after that he ran for president against Horatio Seymour. He became president on November 3, 1868.During his presidency he was quoted to be unaware and unknowing of what to do as president and how to help the people. This was also because he was suffering from throat cancer and was unable to work.

After his presidency he retired and bought a home for him and his family and had his good friend Mark Twain publ…