Over the history, England was in the center of most events. It is because Great Britain is one of the most important countries that designates most of the others’ fate. Such a priority can be given only to countries with great political power, this power brought the legitimacy to rule throughout the world. Political power could be obtained if the country is strong economically. It is often very difficult in countries ruled by monarchy. The whole country’s future is based on the hands of one single person. So whether the country will be powerful, in comfort or weaker and unhappy is left to how successful, well-trained, and conscious the ruler is.

Queen Elizabeth I and Victoria were the most popular queens in the Britain monarch history. They have similarities and differences. They were both willing to rule the monarch best for the age, differences were in their methods to rule, but as a result, both queens’ popularity came from their great success. Of the most impressive aspects of Elizabeth was her ability to break most of the rules.

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These rules were made by men. Thefirst and most important was the idea that a throne held by a woman was a misfortune. Victoria faced the samedifficulty. Both queens managed to handle thisdifficulty with great success. They have titles as;Good Queen Bess; (for Elizabeth I) and;The Grandmother of England; (for Victoria). They are popular to be accepted as the greatest monarchs in the history of the Great Britain. The difference between these great monarchs is the way they chose to control the crown.

Elizabeth I chose not to marry, and had the famous title;The Virgin Queen;. She was represented as married to her country. She created a public image that removed the weakness of her position as a woman by making male-rulers obey her strengths. She earned the admiration of the male-dominated world. To a poet named Spencer, she was ;the untouchable and untouched..