The two of the problems that caused the Civil War were secession and slavery which Abraham Lincoln eventually started to send soldiers and started the civil war. Even though there were still many problems left after the war, the Federal government came up with a number of solutions to them. Due to the different philosophy between the North and the South, following by the problems in the Constitution, the North and South started to have conflict. The democratic Southerner supported state rights and was not conservatives. The North supported a strong central government and was more conservative. The North which was the Federalist had built a standing army and so the people had to pay tax for the army.

However the South didn't want to have a standing army because they were afraid that the army will be united to go against state rights. Also the Southerner didn't want to pay tax for the army. In the congress, there were conflicts between the Jeffersonian and Federalist. The most obvious conflict was when the Alien Act came about.

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This action was made to go against the Jeffersonian who helped the French and Irish immigrants to U.S. So the conflict between the North and the South was one of the reasons which lead to the separation of North and South and finally the South lose in the Civil war and the North look over the power. Abraham Lincoln, as the president of the United States supported the Federal government in opposite, Thomas Jefferson opposed from the South, The South suggested that there were problems in the constitution and wished to make up for their own. For instance, the problem of slavery weren't mentioned in the constitution.

In the constitution, there weren't anything about the rights of slavery, the control of slavery…

Until the amendments came about, then the right of slavery was then mentioned. The biggest problem of slavery was that the Southerners had many plantations and were mostly farmers or..