George Washington had accomplished many things in his presidency which further bettered the United States.Two precedents that Washington established for the presidency and executive branch throughout his terms were that he developed a cabinet and created a new capital for the country. George Washington'sfirst take was to establish a cabinet.

The cabinet is an group of men organized by the President to assist him in all kinds of things that he has to deal with.He chose Alexander Hamilton secretary of treasury and Thomas Jefferson secretary of state. He created departments within the government, each with different jobs.The congress organized four sub- groups: the secretary of the state, the secretary of treasury, the secretary of war, and the attorney general.Washington picked Jefferson to create a policy of seeking trade with European nations. Alexander Hamilton became the secretary of treasury; he came up with important ideas like:a funded national debt and the making of the Bank of the United States. Henry Knox was appointed the secretary of war, and Edmund Randolph was the attorney general.

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It had itsfirst meeting in 1789.Washington reorganized his cabinet in 1795, and Tennessee became a state in 1796.Now the mains of fourteen executive departments form the cabinet. Washington decided to create a capital for the United States of America.Washington, D.C. was a planned city from the start.

It was thefirst city in the United States to be planned before it was built. The Constitution of the United States gave Congress the power to govern Washington.For a lot of the city’s history, its leaders were appointed by the president. In 1973, Congress granted the city the right to elect their local officials.

D.C. was divided into districts to regulate the uses of the property which is called zoning.Washington, D.C.

did not become the United States; capital until 1800.Congress moved its meeting…