Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. are remembered among Americans today as innovators for freedom.Jefferson, aside from being the 3rd president of the United States, is most famous for delivering America's birth by writing and revising the "Declaration of Independence," a document that declares independence for America.King is famous for his role as a leader in civil rights and speech titled "I Have a Dream," the purpose of which is to eradicate prejudice.These two powerful documents have many similarities as well as differences.For example, the similarities are that they both are important, use similar ideas for support, and inspire unintended audiences; and some of the differences are their intended audience, strategies, and necessity.

These pieces' primary resemblance would have to be their importance.Jefferson's document is an official national document with international recognition.Not only do its contents declare freedom for America from England, it provides foundations and principles which future generations of Americans follow.While King's piece screams for the equality of African-Americans that have been unfairly discriminated against, it also gives hope which at times is very much needed.A common ground that they share is that both these works are responsible for the changes of many lives. In addition, these two pieces make use of similar ideas for support.Both apply earlier ideas from a respected person for credibility.

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For example, Jefferson uses a politically philosophical belief from a famous philosopher named John Locke.Locke says that all men are born with certain rights, and it is from the security of these rights that a government is established.Jefferson applies Locke's idea when he writes in the "Declaration of Independence," "All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable R…