"Two paths from Kabul" is a textthat talks about the life of Nelofer Pazira, an Afghan girl, that leave Afghanistan with her family at the age of 16 years old. In 1979 started the Soviet invasion and at the same time, a dark period in the history of Afghanistan . Pariza's father has been imprisoned because he was accusing of denouncing the regime.It has been really hard for Pariza and her family to see their father suffer in jail.With a lot of chance and time, he has been released.But the war was still there, and professionals were leaving the country, one after the others.

However, Pariza's family decided to stay and it was time for her to go to school.It's in elementary school that she met Deyana, who became her best friend.It's together that they took a liking for poetry and novels.They also wanted to go at university.

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But their plans changed when Pazira's parents decided that they would leave from Afghanistan, because her little brother was now 13 and if they stayed there he would be drafted into the army.Moreover, it became really dangerous to go out in the city; the war was coming closer and living there was becoming impossible. So, in 1989 Pazira, at the age of 16 years old, and her family left Afghanistan on an early morning.It has been really hard for them to leave all their friendsand family.Atfirst, they move in Pakistan where Pazira realized that she was now in another world.

Then she moved with her family in Canada where her parents thought that it would be a good country to grow up. Then she started exchanging letters with family and friends but mostly with Deyana.Receiving letters from her friend was her last link with her home country.It was hard for Pazira to learn a new language and to adapt herself to her new life. In 1992, it was the end of the Soviet invasion, and because of that, they thought that maybe it would be .