You live in Israel or the West bank.You wake up in the morning and thefirst thing you hear on the radio or television is that there was an attack.An attack in the Middle East can be an explosion, a suicidal bomber, shooting and such.

Each side of the "war" has lost over 400 people, only in the last year.Those people are senior citizens, middle age citizens, teenagers, you children, and babies. People being killed are very tragic.But one thing no one is considering is that people are being killed physically and emotionally.What do I mean by being killed emotionally?You and some friends are celebrating your graduation day.You need to get a present to one another and go shopping for the afterwards party.It's a busy hour and it will be hard to find a parking spot, so you decided to take the bus.

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The bus is full of people.It keeps on stopping in different stations.At one station 2 people left the bus and 5 came on.In another station 1 came off and 7 came on.There is almost no space on the bus and many people are standing.

You are sitting down and already been on the bus for about 20 minutes.You now have only about 10 minutes to go.Suddenly you hear an explosion.You being thrown on the street, you have pains all over your body, you have no idea where your friends are.You are being rushed to the hospital.

The next day you find out that one of your friends has been killed by the explosion, which now you know was a suicidal bomber.From this day you are emotionally dead. Since having peace talks between the two leaders does not work, I've come up with a different solution to this problem.The solution I am offering is very simple.Basically the two nations should keep on fighting until one gives up or until the two nations will be gone.

To be able to achieve this solution, there are couple of things you need to do.Thefirst step is to…