Two countries, one throne, immeasurable greed and Joan of arc were all part of the hundred-year war.

France for the most part was not winning any major battles until the year 1415; 78 years after the war had already started in 1337.Although France was 3 times larger than England malnutrition and a struggle between the social classes would have a great impact on their side of the war. Until 1429 when Joan of arc arrives to help revive and unify France.

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Joan of arc born in Domremy, France was born to a life of peasant farming. Her natural name was Jeanne d' arc. She had no military history, or knowledge of warfare but a message from the Kingdom of Heaven, that would help revive France and God willing win a war that was very much out of reach for the French. Joan at the age of 17 decides to go to the king to tell him of her message. Joan pleads to the king, Charles VII that the Kingdom of God called upon her to reclaim Orleans, a very strategic location for France. Charles VII desperate, skeptical, and on the brink of losing the war gives her a fresh army to battle the English.

The English already tired after battling for 6 months at Orleans are about to withdraw from there until Joan arrives. Then, she consults with Captain's at Orleans. After reported attempts to negotiate the English refuse and are insulted. Soon then after Bouis; who had been there previously but left to get reinforcements comes back to Orlean's to fight the English at Bastille de Saint Loup, an eastern road to Orlean's. Joan sees him and goes to aid him as they defeat the English there.

Later the French troops would fight at Bastille de St. Jean le Blanc, where the English would fall back to the Bastille Des Augustins. Joan and La Hire join the French and defeat them there.

During the fight though Joan steps on a caltrop and wounds her foot, later she would predict a more serious wound to come. The next day …