In the 1600's many people of English origin embarked on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean over to the New World.

Each settler had various reasons for departure which ultimately determined where they planned to settle. This also eventually determined which colonies would be successful. Chesapeake settlers came over en route of finding wealth whereas New England settlers came to America for a better way of life. The difference makers between the two colonies ended up being values, attitudes, and work ethic. In the end, the Chesapeake region developed into a different society than New England because of the settlers sole significance on gaining wealth. Furthermore, the Chesapeake region developed into a different society than New England because the settlers had the wrong attitudes and values going into settlement. Thefirst New England settlers came over to America in search of a better life. They had left the Church of England, because they felt it retained to many traces of its Catholic origin.

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From England they traveled to the Netherlands where they found a good home, but felt there children were becoming too Dutch. (Divine 43) They decided to set out for America in search of a sufficient home. This is an exceedingly dissimilar story of that of the Chesapeake settlers. Most Chesapeake settlers went over to the New World for two reasons.

One was to gain tremendous wealth by finding gold and silver and the other too frustrate Spain by going to America and taking resources they were selling in Europe. Chesapeake settlers went to America to better themselves and damage others while New England settlers went to America to build a better community. While the Chesapeake values were all about themselves, New Englanders were looking to better everybody situation as a whole. The two sides values going into settlement shows a lot about why each ended up as it did. Along the same lines as values, each group of settlers possessed dif.