Twodifferent styles of dance that have come a long way in generations are Hip-Hopand Ballet. The history ofdance developed people and events since 1960’s, which then created specificdance moves, named “Hip-Hop”. Compared to Hip-Hop, Ballet is a delicate dancethat requires intense training.

In the article “Cultura Latina Dance AcademyIncorporated”, explains information of when ballet came to light. CulturaLatina Dance Incorporated explains, “Ballet,as we know it today, began during the Renaissance around the year 1500 inItaly”. Furthermore, the article goes on to illustrate the term ballet, theterm ballet is explained by the article as, ” “ballet” and “ball” as in masked ball, come from theItalian ballare, to dance”. Dance has been around for centuries. These twospecific dances are important due to the impact it has been able to have forthe youth.

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These entirely different forms of dances have developed into a formof dancing that allows one to express themselves.            As we know, Hip-Hop has come a longway throughout generations. Hip-Hop is linked to the music and also the form ofdance.

These two forms of Hip-Hop are an important part for some individual’sgenerations due to the facts that it has allowed them to express themselves andto help some get through poverty. Although Hip-Hop has played an important rolefor some individuals its important to acknowledge the history of where it allbegan. Hip-Hop was influenced and inspired by the rhythm and the motions ofAfrican dancing. Hip-Hop consists of movement’s of the body by the beats ofHip-Hop music. A common Hip-Hop dance move in todays generations is bootypopping or “twerking”. Many express this for of dance with or with out apartner to Hip-Hop music.

Centuries ago Hip-Hop consisted of break dancing,popping of the chest, and roboting.  Theevolution has come a long way through centuries. In the article “The History ofHip-Hop” on BBC, explains “music that was more up-tempo and lent itself to whatthe dancers would refer to as “going off” “. Dancers use Hip-Hop as aform of therapy by putting there aggression through Hip-Hop and allows them toexpress themselves through the for of Hip-Hop dance and music.

Ethnic dance is correlated with ballet, the components thatcreate a ballet performance. Many times ballet performances are used to tell astory. As many know ballet perform the Nut Cracker, Black Swan, and Swan Lake,and many more. The ballerina’s body shows the aesthetic value in the type ofperformance they are performing to.

The common aesthetic people view pleasingand graceful are the ballerinas extended legs and pointed feet. To achieve apointed toe, ballerina’s slowly build their leg and foot anatomy to be strongenough to put their foot and leg into a point. Ballerinas achieving the pointshoe are considered a great achievement. Ballet takes a tremendous amount ofdedication and time. In the article, “A Brief History of Ballet”, explains “Balletshould contain expressive, dramatic movement that should reveal therelationships between characters — introduced the ballet d’action, a dramatic style of ballet thatconveys a narrative”.

Ballet allows a dancer to convey a character by beautifulmovements throughout the body.Hip Hop and Ballet are two separate forms of dance, whichhave both evolved. Hip hop being aggressive and scandalous for some and balletbeing delicate and elegant. Both forms of the dance have been around forcenturies and will continue to succeed throughout generations.