TVA Provided The Power To Change Tennessee The Tennessee Valley Authority brought the poverty stricken state of Tennessee out of the dark ages by providing employment and increases in the standards of living both through social and economic programs. Prior to the TVA the level of poverty in the Tennessee Valley was the worst in the nation.

The onset of the Great Depression added to the hardships Tennesseeans where already coping with. With an average yearly rain fall of 6ft that began in the spring and brought about devastating floods which destroyed homes and washed way valuable top soil needed to grow crops. The economic effects of the flooding meant that people had little to eat and no source of income because there where very little manufacturing jobs. Therefore they also suffered socially. Education by means of small one room school houses with one school master that taught all grades. No electricity, indoor plumbing, or adequate healthcare. Malaria was a common disease that was virtually unheard of in other parts of the country.

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Tennessee was socially and economically far behind the rest of the country. In 1933 President Roosevelt New Deal policy brings a federal agency to the Tennessee Valley. Roosevelt proposes this new federal agency at Mussel Shoals, TN.

By building dams that would provide flood control, economic benefits by providing construction jobs and with the production of electricity manufacturing jobs would follow with an explosion of industrial manufacturing facilities. Standards of living increased with electricity provided at production costs. Roosevelt also used the electric rates of the TVA as a measuring stick for other electric energy providers in other parts of the nation.

The TVA would control about 40,000 achars of land and the entire Tennessee river that spans not only Tennessee but parts of Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. TVA did not waist anytime in starting constructio…