There are many obstacles that this great African American man has defeated and conquered.This thug lays down for no one and has been a sign of courage to just not only me but to many other African Americans and colored people around the world.Tupac is an icon to the music world but to me, a lyrical genius that knows how to work this specific formula of voicing out what you have to say plus using your own points of views and past encounters in his music.Tupac has taught me to be strong and to never back down. The year of 1991 is when the voice of Tupac wasfirst heard and is also the time that gangsta rap was just beginning.

Tupac's only intent was to show the world his poetry in the form of music.Tupac raps about the street life, being a thug, selling drugs to get by, and basically doing what you have to do to get by in the ghetto world that he lived in. His music is inspiration to not only me but to lower economically challenged people, especially young teenagers, both boys and girls, and to gangsters around the United States of America.

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Some of his songs like " Baby Don't Cry", " Keep Yo Head Up", and " Dear Mama" deal with teenagers that hate their personal world because of where they are or who they messed with.These songs tell you that everyday may be hard and you got to do what you have to do to get by, but in reality, life does get better, and with each better day brings a new happiness.Songs like " California Love" and "War Stories" tell you about his love of his ghetto home and his past dealings with his hard fought life with the gang members in his teenage years.All in all Tupac's music has shown that shining yellow ray of hope to his people and to people that have no hope in general, no matter what shape of trouble they are in. Tupac is a personal hero of mine because he is a mix of two very important people that have battled for the…