In the early hours of Boxing Day (0058 GMT) an earthquake six miles
deep and measuring 9.8 on the richer scale (the largest for forty years)
occurred under the Indian Ocean. This caused a huge Tsunami which
The earthquake occurred when the Eurasian plate (continental crust)
moved against the Australian plate (oceanic crust) (compacting it) on the
destructive plate boundary. The Tsunami was travelling 500 mph over water
and when it reached land it slowed but increased in height making it more
dangerous still. In some places the Tsunami reached as far as one km inland.
The tsunami destroyed countryside, housing, hotels and infrastructure
but the highest costing was the loss of lies. Over 150 00 are dead and
hundreds of thousands are still missing. The secondary effects are no less
devastating.Water born diseases such as cholera, dysentery and malaria are
spreading fast and there is a lack of clean water as wells are contaminated,
there is also a lack in food getting to the survivors causing famine and in the
abandoned houses criminals are looting the areas. Another grim effect of the
tsunami is the abduction of children by criminal gangs to be used as slaves,
sold for adoption or even, used for sex.
The tsunami caused so much destruction as the countries hit had
absolutely no tsunami warning system, the only sign they had was the
sudden retreat of the water although people believed were told (whoever you
believe) that they were quite safe and this was totally normal. They were
totally unprepared for such n occurrence so had no evacuation system or
emergency rations. The death toll could have been reduced if the earthquake
had not occurred during the festive season, as inevitably there was a great
The UK generated£60 million in one week although did not respond