Some great men strive their entire lives in order to have the privilege of being the president of The United States of America, while other men are unexpectedly thrust into the position, as was the story of our thirty-third president, Harry S.

Truman.Truman was the son of a Missouri mule trader and worked until he was thirty-three years old as a dirt farmer.His only ambition was to join the National Guard, but there was an obstacle in his way, he had poor eyesight.This would not stop Truman from achieving what he strived for; he memorized the eye chart so that he could pass his physical exam to join.In World War I, Truman won the respect of his troops as the captain of his artillery unit when he united them during enemy barrage.This was the beginning of Truman's increasing self-esteem and determination to succeed.

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In 1922, after a failing business endeavor Truman embarked on a brand new profession with the help of The Kansas City party organization of Thomas Pendergast, Truman ran for the position of county judge and won.He held this position for twelve years respectably without any corruption from Pendergast's organization and won the admiration of his peers for his strong morals.In 1934, Pendergast helped Truman again by getting him to run for the Senate in a year of Democratic successes.

Truman won the election and went on to become a diligent member of the Appropriations Committee and gained the admiration of others, proving that he was not just a product of the machine.His moment of triumph did not come until Franklin Delano Roosevelt's fourth election though.The democratic committee was looking for a vice president who was not as far to the left of the conservatives and moderates as Vice President Henry A. Wallace and not as far right as Vice president hopeful James Byrn! es.Harry S. Truman was just the perfect compromise that did not cause any controversy and he won the Vice..