Europeans governments and businessmen stopped at nothing to ensure their economic success, they committed genocide plus ethnocide. The main reason Europe hurried to the new land was for resources and land which is money. Money was the center to the madness. In every battle between the natives and the settlers they were fighting over something and that something is money to the settlers. Profit is the settlers motive for the destruction of the Native communities.

Columbus was the beginning to the madness that went on in the discovery and settling on the new lands. He came to the new land funded by Spain. Spain at this tie was a country that needed money so funding this expedition was a solution to their problem.

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Columbus promised to bring back gold and spices to pay off the expenses plus more, which would help Spain's problems. Unfortunately arriving at the Americas Columbus discovered that his predictions of gold and spices were wrong and there was less then he had thought there would be. He became desperate he overpowered the natives making them slaves for he needed money to bring back to Spain and the natives were the quickest way to get it. Columbus's future relied on Spain's profit of the expedition he was promised 10% of what he brought back and leadership of many of the new land.

What he supplied for Spain was also benefiting him in a large way. He forced every native to supply him with a certain amount of gold over a short amount of time, like a tax. Doing this he became thefirst European to take control and treat the natives poorly he began a state of mind for the settlers that they are above the natives and they can overpower them.

When the amount of gold was not enough this mind state led to genocide. In the year 1495 Columbus ordered an expedition of men to go on a slave raid. Columbus had failed in finding gold fields so slaves would be used to fill up the space on the ships.

They rounded up 1500 Araw…