True Causes of the Civil War What caused the American Civil War?A historian once noted that the Civil War was really the "final shots" of the American Revolution.It is amazing that even today, over 130 years after the Civil War started, there is still passionate debate regarding the true cause of the Civil War.Slavery was with no doubt the immediate cause of the Civil War, but the intentions and views were not so much a moral issue, but more so an economical issue.

This brought forth separation of both the North and South due to incompatibility and any consideration of compromise to either side's proposals.With said, this in time led to the ultimate result of war. The causes of the war can be traced to the roots of our political fabric, in the complexity of mankind, in the fundamental law, in the Constitution itself, and in the institution of slavery which it recognized and ironically intended to protect.If asked what was the real issue involved in the conflict, the average American citizen would reply, "Slavery.

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"Had there been no moral condemnation of slavery, it is fair to say there would have been no war.The curious thing is that although slavery was the moral issue of the nineteenth century that divided the political leaders of the land, the average American had very little interest in the issue.Most Southerners were small farmers that could not afford slaves, and most Northerners were small farmers or tradesman that had never even seen a slave.When the Constitution was adopted, and the Union formed, slavery existed in practically all the States.But then industrialism evolved in the North, and slavery was not very beneficial to the North's economy due to the difference in their working force opposed to the South's.The Union wanted to develop a high tariff which would protect the northern manufacturer, but would disable cotton trade in the Sout..