'If I have my ticket, Lord, can I ride?'My bones are weakening, as is my hope.I overheard Master Tolbert speaking to a man, and I have been a slave for over 40 years.Can I have my ticket Lord, please? It could be worse; I could still be a field slave.

Now that my legs and arms are weak, Master Tolbert allowed for me to become a house hand.Working on a plantation allows for more social interaction with other slaves than other places.My wife passed over three years ago but I still enjoy the comfort of the other slaves in our community.On Sunday, we even attend our own church ceremonies, which is the only time I ever feel human.

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Religion plays a key role in our community.Many of us are tempted to run away, but then we are reminded that the sacrifices that we endure now will be rewarded on judgment day. Master Tolbert was in an extremely foul mood today.I believe that his plan to buy four more slaves collapsed leaving him short a few workers in the field tomorrow.Last week I was helping clean up a mess that one of the children made when Master Tolbert came over and accused me of stealing his cigarettes.Now for all the years I have been alive I cannot remember a single time that I have ever touched, let alone thought about, polluting my body with smoke.

For that unfair accusation I received ten lashes and was not allowed diner.I'm sure one of his ungrateful children stole his pack of cigarettes or Master Tolbert just misplaced them.In general he is not that cruel, Master has his phases.For all the years I have been a slave, I have only been whipped on four different occasions.I know slaves from other communities who receive that kind of abuse in a year. I saw my son a few days ago.

He has grown into a well-developed man, only he has very radical beliefs and I fear the white man will kill him.He was taken from my wife and I at birth and I ha…