It was General Sherman who coined the phrase, "War is Hell".

To most people when the World War I is mentioned images of destruction and casualties come to most people's minds.Wars are fought because two sides believe that one side is right and the other side is wrong on a particular issue.When men believe these things to be true they fight with a fury most people can't imagine.World War I was such a war, when men believed in a cause, and fought very hard for that cause.

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A hatred was formed between the two sides, countries hating other countries, men hating men.Millions of men died because of what they believed to be "right".During World War I soldiers died in many different way.Not all died with dignity and honor like most people would think.

Some soldiers died in battle, while others suffered through long battles with disease, illness and hunger.Men left for the Great War proud to serve their countries, only to go into battle and be treated to some of the harshest conditions known to man.One soldier wrote "I don't know who is better off at times, my fallen comrades, or myself, I still have to live through this Hell".(Callon, www)It is amazing anyone ever lived through this terrible war, between the sniper, trench rats, dysentery, gas attacks, and many other ways a soldier could be killed.The picture quality was not always the best, but you can get an idea of what these soldiers went through.The images where so hard to look at, so graphic, but so real.War is not pretty by any stretch of the imagination.

Picking just one of these images was the hardest part. The image that I did decide to choose was a simple picture, but in this photo you see so much.It's not what the picture is showing you, it's what the picture isn't showing you.The picture is of a soldiers feet.

The feet of this particular soldier are deformed, and look like they have b…