The Treaty of Versailles: Defeated by Wilson? Many different opinions exists on whether or not the defeat of The Treaty of Paris was in part, due to Wilson's persuasions. Well, it can definitely be stated that Wilson was stubborn and inept, but the question is did these qualities have anything to do with the defeat of the treaty. Seeing that the League of Nations is a major article in the Treaty, I must comment on it in order to support the facts. Wilson felt ardently about the league and would stop at nothing to have it a part of the Treaty. He even sacrificed some of his other points in order to keep it intact. This is an excellent example of his stubbornness.

His ineptitude was clearly shown when he failed to bring proper representation with him in negotiating and signing the treaty. Leaving the republicans at home, showed that he didn't want to bring anyone who might disagree with his demands. After returning to America, the Lodge Reservations were worked into the treaty.

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Wilson had such a strong resentment for Lodge, that he asked all democrats to vote against the new treaty. They did, and because of Wilson's stubbornness the Treaty was never ratified. In addition to the before stated views, there is documented proof of Wilson's extreme stubbornness.On Sep. 5th, Wilson states, "When you read Article X, therefore, you will see that it is nothing but the inevitable, logical center of the whole system of the Covenant of the League of Nations, and I stand for it absolutely. If it should ever in any important respect be impaired, I would feel like asking the Secretary of War to get the boys who went across the water to fight,..

. and I would stand up before them and say, Boys, I told you before you went across the seas that this was a war against wars, and I did my best to fulfill the promise, but I am obliged to come to you in mortification and shame and say I have not been able to fulfill the promise…