The Treaty of Versailles had a lot of opposition from various groups, but Wilson's stubbornness was most liable for the failure of it in the United States.There were many problems with the treaty according to the senate.The opinions on the treaty wesplit into three groups.Thefirst group was the isolationists who argued that the United States should not interfere with European affairs.The second consisted of Wilson and those who supported him.They wanted the Treaty as it was, with no modifi tions.

The third party were those who were ready to ratify the treaty if there were a few changes.They felt that these changes should consist of the elimination or reduction of American obligations to the League. At the end of World War I, President Wilson led the U.S.

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delegation in Paris in order to make sure his Fourteen Points were used.Wilson felt that America was the only nation that had nothing to gain and he was the only one who really cared about preventing future wars.He was determined to create the League of Nations.In order to gain this objective, he compromised at the Paris Peace Conference on several major issues.

When President Wilson returned home in 1919, he met with the Senate to disscuss the treaty.In order for the Senate to adopt the treaty there had to be a two-thirds vote, according to the Constitution.However, many were opposed to it. The treaty was never ratified by the U.S.

Senate because of Article X, which contained the requirement that all members preserve the territorial independence of all other members, even to joint action against aggression. Some were concerned about the welfare of the United States.They felt that the League of Nations was foreign and there was no reason to put their safety in the hands of the world.They wanted to accept responsibility for America as America.

The idea of another country's government ealing with America'sdomestic affa…