The treaty of Ghent put on end to the war of 1812.The war was over conflict between the United States and Great Britain from 1812 to 1815. They fought over the maritime rights of neutrals and it ended inconclusively.

The treaty was a long going process that finally was completed on Christmas Eve. There were many agrees and disagrees that were put forth to make peace. There were a total of 11 articles that made up the treaty. The treaty is one of the most remembered treaties in all of history. It changed the world with a big impact.

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The Treaty Of Ghent that was signed in December 1814 that ended a war, which by now both sides was silently admitting, should never have started. The treaty though proved to be a great act of statesmanship. After the signing Adams remarked to one of the English delegates “I hope this will be the last treaty of peace between Great Britain and the United States” And it was. The very fact that both sides withdrew to their prewar positions, that neither could describe the war as a success or a defeat, and that the terms could not be presented, then or later, as a triumph or a robbery – all worked for permanency and helped to erase from the national memory of both countries a struggle which had been bitter enough at the time. The absence of any recrimination too meant that the treaty could serve as a basis on which to build a friendly, common sense relationship between two English-speaking peoples. The statement that the war of 1812 was born purely out of a “Pointless aggression” is true – to an extent.

In the build up to the1812 war Britain seemed to provoke the United States through every means possible exploiting there own position. The United States did try to avoid a war with Britain but they saw how a war could fulfill there own ambitions and so used the war to pursue there own objectives which were increasing the size of the United States whilst reinforcing the economy through trade. The fact was th…