Transcontinental Railroad The Transcontinental Railroad was signed into action in September of 1862.A project this big had not yet been undertaken in America and the two companys, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific needed lots of help from the Government to get the job done. The Government donated the land needed to lay down the tracks and also gave the company rail-side land for each mile of track they built.The companys also needed to find people to do the job.

They got imigrants to do the work because the workers would receive some pay but more importantly a large chunk of valuable land.Many of the imigrants were from China and Ireland. Working on the railroad was hard work.It was also very dangerous.Every day people lost their lives to a variety of things. In the West the workers needed to blow their way thru the Rockys with explosives, which caused many people their lives.

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Also, many men were killed that came accross Indian territory.The Indians were threatened by the presense of the trains so they faught the workers but usually lost because the workers had explosives, guns and knives. It took six years to complete the railroad.At the celebration when the two sets of tracks met a golden spike was driven in to complete the railroad.

Now what would take months, when done right, to cross the country would now only take a week.Also supplies and products that used to be too heavy to ship West could now be send on the train.Thanks to the Transcontinental Railroad America moved a step foward in time and changed it forever. ————————————————————————.