The Trail of Tears started in 1836, as a result of the Treaty of New Echota.This treaty, which was adopted by the United States Government, sent nearly six hundred Cherokee Native Americans on a journey from their home in Georgia, through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas, ending up in Oklahoma.This was just the beginning of what was known as the Trail Of Tears.Other tribes from the eastern United States were soon forced to leave their homes, and head to reservations in present day Oklahoma.Cherokee, Seminole, Choctaw, Creek, and Chickasaw Native Americans were all victims of the United States government's policy of dealing with the Native Americans.

Thefirst wave of Native Americans to go to Oklahoma did not have such a rough time as the later groups did.For example, the Seminole Native Americans made much of their trip from Florida over the Gulf of Mexico into present day Louisiana, and then north into Oklahoma.Not all Native American populations were so quick to leave, the majority of the Cherokee peoples in the east wanted to stay among their native land.

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The ones that did choose to stay suffered very cruel treatment.Some Cherokees were taken from there homes, and families and put in stockades for months at a time.While in the Stockades they had to deal with issues such as overcrowding, illness, and the trauma they had just been put through.Then in 1838, United States Army escorts accompanied Cherokee people in the stockades west to Oklahoma.The groups being escorted by the army had barely enough supplies to survive the extreme cold of the winter.When the Cherokee removal was finished it left three to four thousand dead as a result of the stockades, as well as the trip itself.Following the Trail of Tears Native Americans continued to be treated unfairly, with such things as The Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Thefirst source of information came from the book Native American Voices edited b…