Romeo is a tragic hero because he fought and did everything he did to be withJuliet but it still didnt work out and he ended up killing himself to be withJuliet, then finding she wasnt dead just as he had drunken the poison. ThenJuliet saw her dead Romeo and killed herself with a dagger. The movie End ofDays has something like this. The main character fights Satan because he cameto earth to take it over. At the end of the movie the demon possesses him and hemust throw himself onto a statue holding a sword killing himself but saving theworld, This is another example of a Tragic Hero. The movie Gladiators mainhero, Maximus Aries is also a tragic hero.

Its about a Roman army generalwhos empire turned on him and imprisoned him after Caesar made him the heirto Rome. Caesar didnt choose his own son because he was corrupt, when he toldhis son this his son suffocated Caesar before he annoced to Rome who the heir ofCaesars empire was, and of course everyone would think it was his son, but itwas actually Maximus. Caesars son told some troops to take Maximus and killhim in the forest but he escaped. They then had his wife and child crucified. Hethen gets sold as a slave, to an entertainer who makes Gladiators. Maximus thenrises up and becomes undefeated and in the end and takes on Caesars son in agladiator match. Caesars son wounded Maximus before the match but Maximusstill managed to come through and kill him.

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He told everyone Caesars last dyingwishes and his own to take Rome and make it republic once again then Maximusfell to the ground and died. These 2 examples are like Romeo because they diedor did something heroic and the outcome for them was bad and tragic. Tragicheroes usually die or have something bad happen to them at the end of the story,but they die for a good cause making it tragic that they died but they may havesaved the world, or be reunited with there loved ones.Cinema and Television