And it was valid till year 1987, but F.M.R.A.

I. (Federation of Medical Representative’s Association of India) and “C. I T.U.

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(Center for Indian Trade Union) joined their hand in the year 1991 to fight for their right”. F.M.R.A.

I, also undertake bilateral industry level discussions as a attempt of field workers demands against attack on: i. Their profession. ii. Their job security iii. Their day to day work iv. Their legal and trade union rights v. For industry level minimum wages in small scale sector and vi.

For elimination of unfair practices by drug companies leading to black marketing and entry of spurious medicines through this black market route. F.M.R.A.

I also launched movement against replacement of Medical Representative cat­egory by employers to mislead other sections, as if they are in non-burgainable category and also against industry’s attempt to disrupt the unity and the movement of the field work­ers and to deprive the rights and claims of the field workers in such category. F.M.R.A.I, also fought in defense of public sector drug companies in pharmaceutical indus­try for their job security, wage payments and gainful work and also funding the public sector drug companies. Therefore they put the “27-point charter of demands” and out of it the most important Demands to industry associations and employers are as: 1) All recruitment in permanent category. 2) Re-categorization of all sales promotion employees in single category.

3) Job security. 4) Continuation of bargaining rights. 5) Reduction of workload and rationalization of work system. 6) Implementation of S.

RE. Act, minimum wages Act other labor Acts 7) Rs. 2/- per point neutralization as variable dearness allowance effective from January 1996.

8) Reduce drug prices by drug companies. 9) Ensure supply of all essential drugs and stop imports of hazardous drugs. 10) Strengthen public sector drug companies and self-reliant drug production. 11) Institute enquiry on corrupt practices in supply of medicines by drug companies etc.