Over the years there have been many leaders.

Three of the most known are Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin, and Adolf Hitler.These three were dictators and had a totalitarian government.This essay will discuss their rise to power, public sentiment, and accomplishments.Also it will discuss their crimes and what kind of legacy they left. The three men came to power in almost the same way.

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Mussolini started a Fascist party and took power.Stalin was part of a Communist committee that ran the country after Lenin died.He used his "friends" in the committee to get him to power.After he became dictator he had all the people who got him to power killed.

Hitler started the Nazi party, which is a Fascist group.With his influence he was voted to power.He too had the people who voted him to power killed.

That was known as the "Night of Long Knives." The public felt the same for Stalin and Hitler but Mussolini was different.Mussolini was a great public speaker.Whenever he spoke the crowds would cheer.In the beginning Mussolini was liked by the people but in the end the public ended up killing him and hanging him.The people loved Stalin.

His people considered him a great man.They wept for him when he died of an aneurysm.The public followed Hitler's ideas and praised him.In the end he killed himself.

Each of these leaders made different accomplishments for their country.Mussolini gave the people what they wanted to hear.He did not do a lot of good though.Stalin nationalized the industry and made it spread throughout the world.

He ended the civil war.Hitler did a very good thing for his country.He got his country out of the great depression.This was a great accomplishment.He also strengthened the army.

As with their accomplishments these leaders had committed many crimes.Mussolini had people killed and censored all of the news so it would not incrimina…