The Cold War was a war between the USA and USSR. It was not a war like world war one or two but a war of ideological differences.

The cold war was the result of mutual suspicions stemming from long term rivalries and ambitions amongst the two super powers. It lasted from 1947 to 1992 and between that time much hostility and crises arose. The main problem between the two superpowers was based on ideological differences. USA believed in capitalism and were active anti-Communists. Russia was a communist country and wanted nothing to do with the capitalist way of living. These differences of ideology were the basis of the cold war and kept the cold war going for as long as it did. The cause of the cold war was based on the long-term rivalries and the ambitions between the two superpowers. There was potential rivalry amongst the superpowers early as the 19th century where it was predicted that America and Russia would become the superpowers and represent different ways of life.

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"America relies upon a personal interest to accomplish his ends….the Russian centres all the authority of society in a single arm." Written in 1835 where there was already hostility among the two nations. The purpose of World War 1 and the post world war also caused essential differences.

Wilson had said that the war was fought for "the redemption, liberation and salvation for the world." Where as Lenin had said that the Great War was fought for the world proletarian revolution. One of the major causes of tension amongst the two superpowers was the western interference in the Russian civil war. The U.S and its allies had sent troops in to Russia to try and defeat the Bolshevik government under Lenin. This however didn't succeed and the Red army triumphed over the'white forces.

'These were just some of the long time causes of the tensions that marked the Cold War. During World War II many events and decisions kept a sen…