The Totalitarian dictatorships possess many traits or trait clusters to which I am going to apply to Poland. I will compare this ideology of totalitarianism with the novels Ashes & Diamonds and Seizure of Power and show how they contribute to the lives of Pols. There was also a big role of Communism and socialism in Poland. Including this I will state some history of Poland during the period of World War II.

(1) Thefirst trait of totalitarianism is that it an elaborate ideology, consisting of an official body of doctrine covering all vital aspects of man's existence to which everyone living in that society is supposed to adhere. It is set upon radical rejection of the existing society with conquest of the world for the new one. There is no government like totalitarian dictatorship has been ever existed, because regimes lack the traits in a large extent. In Poland it was the ideology of Marxism to which every student in Poland we required to read it. This was the doctrine that used to control the aspect of society. In 1939 Russia (then allied with Germany) invaded from the east, and the country was divided between Germany and Russia. When Germany attacked the USSR in 1941, all of Poland came under German rule. Massacres, starvation, and concentration camps decimated the population of Poland.

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Poland was the only country to combat Germany from thefirst day of the Polish invasion until the end of the war in Europe. In Poland itself, most elements of resistance to the German regime organized under the banner of the Home Army (AK). The AK became one of the largest and most effective underground movements of World War II. Commanding popular support, it functioned as a force, conducting a vigorous campaign of sabotage and intelligence gathering, and as a means of social defense against the invaders. (2) The second trait of totalitarianism is that it contains a single mass party typically led by one man the "dictator,&quo.