"LUJHANIS" is based on technological advances making "LUJHANIS" a better society to live in. Society is the totality of social relationships among humans, a group of humans mostly well-known from other groups by mutual interest, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and culture. The one who will make the rules in our society will be "the enforcer", the enforcer makes the rules for us to follow. The rules are very easy to follow not that much like The Giver. We, the society decideon who should be the enforcer, a trial is held and whoever wants to be the enforcer has to give their reasons and ideas, if your reasons are good and the society likes your new rules, or leadership you are the enforcer. Some of the rules that our society have are:1. Don't break the law2. Have responsibilities3.

Language that can be considered offensive on a basis ofSex, race, religion, creed, or national origin would not beTolerated 4. Any attempts to undermine, or cause harm to"LUJHANIS" you will be doing time in prison. If someone breaks the rules they would be thrown in prison. In prison there is a maximum security and no way to get out, because there are video cameras watching 24/7 people's every moves. The subjects that would be required to learn are the usual like: math, literacy, history, and science, etc…

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The subject that our community would emphasize is technology. Technology would be taught a little more, because the community is based on technological advances. Ages that would attend would be from six through seventeen, six isfirst grade, and at age seventeen is twelve grades. The education system is different from other education system, because our education system would have great tec.