"The land of Freedom, Equality, and opportunities," is what is known to the world about the United States of America from the beginning of its origin.Here people from all around the world come for higher education, for better living, and seeking more opportunities.

Each people in this country can make up their life to their best because of the rules and regulation that are in favor of all, and are not bias. As for example they can work hard because there are opportunities available equally to all on the basis of their education, and capacity. Thus, the United States of America is the land of freedom, equality and opportunities. The United States of America is the dwelling place of all nationalities.However, the nation now is facing problems regarding the freedom which the congress were struck at in the decision making process. The three major problem facing nation today and also in the congress and the president in the policy making process are the same sex marriage, the illegal workers, and the most high tech jobs going offshore. In the state legislatures this year, there is action related to gay marriage.

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In most cases lawmakers have been considering proposed amendments to their state constitutions that would tighten existing bans on the same sex marriage. It has become the problem for the congress to pass the federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriages. Different state has different decision, but most of the states have the same outcomes, that though the house has passed the bill to senate, it's very hard for the senate to pass the bill. President George W. Bush hasn't formed the clear opinion on gay marriage.

In some states, people are forcing congress to allow the same sex marriage.In my opinion people's freedom is beyond the limit. Congress is on the horns of dilemma.Obviously it is the serious problem in the decision making process. If it is made legal, nation may face many problem..