Late 1800s, the adveture of Dick Clark & the famous O.K. Corral gunfight “Tombstone has had its share of troublesome people and its high rollers such as the famous Dick Clark.Dick Clark was a trick cards men, having an ace up his sleeve or dropping an extra card on the ground for the fun of taking the pot.

In 1881 Dick Clark, whose real name was Richard, had run his own saloon in Tombstone.The name of Clacks saloon was ‘The Alhambra’, with people not being to very good of friends with Clark he had few equals.Clark’s saloon was most likely one of the best gamgling establishments.Earlier in mr. Clarks gambling days he had played poker in the army for their money and had enlisted again only to gamble with the army dudes. Tombstone had had some of the best poker games, such as Dick’s game against Senator Horace Tabar, and Clark had cleaned him out.Clark had been known for winning as much as 1000 dollars in 6 hands, I believe no one would want to play him when he was on a roll.

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On his way from coast to coast he was told by a doctor that he had seen that he had an uncurable sickness and would later die.The Clark Family, Dick, his wife, and their adopted son had set out from Chicago on their way back to Tombstone.On their way by train they stopped in Albuqurque and Dick died in the hotel in October.When Dicks body was returned to Tombstone, all buisness closed for his burial.

“(Time- “Tombstone, Arizona was founded in 1877 and it is the site of the famous gun battle the O.K. Corral.

It was said that Tombstone was big for being a place where you could live your life as a king or die with your boots on.Tombstone had become a boomtown a few years later and the silver from mines gave word and it inherited fotune hunters, gamblers, gunfighters, and merchants. This town had , by 1881, a population of 7 thousand and most of which was served by 110 licensed …