Thomas Jefferson’s attitude toward Christianity seems as far left as anyone.From some of his writings, one may think that he is against God and everything that he stands for.But, Jefferson does state that he is a Christian “to the precepts of Jesus himself”Jefferson Packet p 1122.He believed in what Jesus stood for and the acts that he committed, but not the faith itself.

He believed that such a faith could not exist because it did not adhere to any of the five senses.Jefferson wanted proof of this faith.Besides the actions of Jesus, what other reasons did people have to follow him?Jefferson is most likely not the only man on earth who questions these beliefs.To not believe in something that is questionable because it has been taught should not be looked down upon.

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It seems strange that something of so much power has been proven to so few. To not believe in Jesus does not mean that Jefferson was not a follower of God.He did believe in a creator of man and that we were placed here by some sort of higher power.What Jefferson was against was the way that Christianity was used to force people to think, almost as if it was used to brainwash people, “To the corruptions of people I am indeed opposed”Jefferson Packet p 1122.

It was through his scriptures that Jefferson believed these people were persuaded to think and act a certain way.”His doctrines have received still greater injury from those who pretend to be special disciples, and who have disfigured and sophisticated his actions and precepts, from views of personal interest, so as to induce the unthinking part of mankind…”Jefferson packet p112.

. It was this, the fact that these people were being subliminally brainwashed that Jefferson was so opposed to.That the “unthinking” part of the brain, which we call a conscience, did eventually take over the wa! Apparently Christians have attempted to rewrite history to make Jefferson sound as if he were full .