“Today,purchasing is recognized as having an overwhelming impact on the bottom line ofthe organization which is also becoming a core competency of the firm” (Tate. 2014).Intensive planning is needed for purchasing as any negligence will result in aheavy loss of an organization. Profit can be generate when there is a goodplanning of purchasing hence this department is also a core for anyorganization. Supplier selection criteria, analysis of purchasing costs and theimplementation of information & communication technologies are the mainaspect of purchasing management and it is necessary to look into the effectivenessof these 3 aspects.    When we mention traditional nayang coffee,we will think of Ya Kun as they are one of the first who offer traditionalnayang coffee.

                 “From its humble beginnings as a modestcoffee stall in the 1940s, the name of Ya Kun has become synonymous withunparalleled kaya toast and irresistibly fragrant coffee and tea” Ya Kun. (2017).The characteristic about Yan Kun is you can enjoy everycup of coffee which is brew using the traditional pot and sock in anair-conditioned café at affordable prices. Today Ya Kun have over fortyoutlets in Singapore, about half of which are franchised and over thirtyoverseas outlets all franchised across seven countries. The main products forYa Kun are traditional nayang coffee, kaya toast and soft boiled eggs.           The main competitors for Ya Kun Kaya Toastare Toast Box with over 70 outlets and Killiney Kopitiam with over 40 outlets.

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Bothof the competitors offer the same products as Ya Kun besides offering someother local delicacies. Ya Kun suppliers are mostly local to cater to the tasteof the locals here. Ya Kun Kaya Toast main goal is to establish themselves as ahousehold name in Singapore and Asia offering delectable kaya toast and goodcoffee.