Tocqueville does not believe it is a forgone conclusion the world will become democratic.It is only through special circumstances that America was able to become and maintain its democratic society. From its inception, America was founded by people who brought a special sense of individualism to their governance. The founding government created no great central city for their capital.

No city had absolute influence over the country.This situation helped to maintain the local liberties for freedom.Local townships and state's rights flourished. The land itself kept American democracy strong because it gave the people the ability to remain equal and free.This general prosperity aided government stability.

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As Americans migrated westward, they banded together in search of fortune. American children are educated along a path that teaches the principles of human knowledge.Students are taught the history of America and the features of the constitution that governs it.

This education in American allows each person to become a citizen immediately. America is also distant from all its enemies, and so it has no fear of attack. As Europeans began to settle in Canada and South America, they brought many of the same intentions as they brought to America.The idea of starting fresh from Europe and the opportunity to start new governments were present.These lands also had few enemies.Natural resources were abundant.

Despite all these similar circumstances, the European emigrants could not support democracy. Although they had the same conditions of prosperity as Americans, they remained miserable and unproductive. Tocqueville believes in the singleness of the American experience.

He admired their experience and their views on education.Americans participate in their legislation like no other country.Their ability to work together in a common cause as they expanded westward created a oneness unlike anything else in …