Louis' personality had many faults that hindered his ability to rule as King. The main fault was his firm morals and beliefs, especially in absolutism which meant that he was firmly pitted against the revolution from the start. Without a cooperative monarch, the monarchy is always going to be in jeopardy if the people want reform or revolution. Another of the Louis' faults was that he was easy manipulated by his ministers, and he often took advice from the wrong people. There were many people who were pro-monarchy such as Calonne, but he insisted on taking advice from his wife and from other ministers. He had the goal of winning the battle with the people. This caused him to disregard the 3rd Estate from the very beginning, increasing the discontent among them, which was not desirable for the king, since it was these people that brought down the Constitutional Monarchy. To start with, the king only called the meeting of the Estates-General when he was forced faced with increasing debts and an angry working class.

At thefirst meeting, cahiers were drawn up with a list of grievances to the king, but they were largely ignored, making the people feel that they could no longer begin to put all their faith in him. He insulted the 3rd Estate on thefirst day, which set him up as being the'enemy of France'. At meetings, they did not sit unlike the other estates, and they also had to wear dull suits, unlike the other two estates. Over time, the 3rd Estate had begun to be fed up with the King. The King's inability to realize that putting himself firmly against this share of power with the people would cause him to be overthrown in the long term.

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Locking out the 3rd estate, forcing them into a nearby indoor tennis court could have been interpreted by people as symbolizing the'King against France'. The 3rd Estate liked to think of themselves as France, since they made up most of the population. Due t..