I think the Industrial Revolution changed Britain forever. There were many changes during the Industrial Revolution but a few things didn?t change. Some of the thing that changed were: „h Transport, from walking and horses to trains and boats „h Power, from manpower to steam power. „h Workplace, from working at home and on the land to working in factories „h Were people lived, from rural areas to urban areas „h Sales of goods, from selling to local people to selling around Britain and beyond „h Industry, from agricultural to industrial Some of the tings that remained the same are: „h Workers continued to be exploited „h Work was physical, hard and tiring The changes in Britain following the Industrial Revolution made the rich ricer and the poor poorer due to the incredibly low wages and any profits went to the factory owners.

The average person had a larger choice of goods, as there was a wider range of products produced and transportation was easier.People could now buy goods made of steel, iron, which lasted longer than wooden items. Coal enabled steam trains and barges.

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The most important to these changes were the ease at which goods could be transported, those goods could now be made by machines rather than by hand. Without transport goods could only be sold close to where they were made. Moving goods prior to the use of trains and barges could have taken weeks if not months, goods would be damaged and rotten by the time they reaches their destination. The population was growing so much that it could not be supported by the old agricultural way of life. Huge numbers of the population moved from villages to towns and cities looking for work Many things did not change during the Industrial Revol.