To Secure These Rights played a great role in United States history.This book exceeded civil rights activists' highest expectations.During a time when men were coming back from World War two.An African American man could go and die for his country but he still had to ride in the back of the bus, he still had to face racism everywhere he went.

To Secure These Rights opened the eyes of many people and helped president Truman get elected and fight for civil rights. After Truman was elected president he came up with the idea to set up a national committee to reduce racial conflicts that the white house had been facing since the outbreak of rioting in 1943.Truman decided to create a committee through executive order rather then seek legislation that would not work by a senate filibuster.

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By doing this the president settled some things.He satisfied civil rights advocates whose ideas he did agree with, he didn't have to talk to southern democratic lawmakers, and most importantly he taught the public the need to extend equality instead of segregation under the law.On December 5, Truman issued executive order creating the President's Committee on Civil Rights.After he issued executive order he said, "Today, Freedom from Fear, and the democratic institutions which sustain it, are again under attack."Rather then focusing on mob violence, he instructed, "The committee to make recommendations in respect to adoption or establishment by legislation or otherwise of more adequate and procedures for protection of civil rights of the people.

Truman knew that a war was approaching and he also knew he had to do something about civil rights.By making this committee he must have knew what he was doing because most southern press didn't even print the executive order some even praised that something needed to be done about the horrible crime of lynching. There were many things that led to the c…