To understand more about Management Information System, three
articles were studied and analyzed.

The MIS converts the data into information, this is mostly
in the form of standardized reports and displays for the managers. These are
used to support the management decision making process. This forms the most
important application of MIS. When we talk about management, it can be divided

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Top Management: It handles the planning and strategizing.

Middle Management: It’s responsible for
controlling and execution.

Lower Management: It’s concerned with day to day

Thus we can see that the impact of MIS is on the whole organization.
It has increased the effectiveness and competitiveness of managers in decision
making and resolved the organization problems. It decreases labor and is
time-saving, as employees can enter data easily into the system program instead
of manually collecting it. Coordination is more efficient between the department’s
at all organizational levels. It provides the right information in the right
format to the right person at the right time.

The MIS should be well designed. It should be able to
provide accurate, complete and quick information in a rapidly changing business
environment. It should be flexible in data storage, retrieval and provide real
time information. Linking all the subsystems of an organization will help in
creating an integrated view and easy flow of information, but care should be
taken to avoid data duplicity and redundancy. Long term planning should be done
in a top-down way providing a holistic view of the organizational structure and
dynamics. Forecasts should be made and estimates generated for competitive
edge. At each instant huge quantity of raw data is generated from the different
internal and external sources, which is of both unrelated and related nature,
this data should be constantly collected, updated, organized and manipulated.
The systems framework should be built effectively in organizing the information
system applications.