There is not doubt that the greatest dramatic play writer of all times has been, to this day, William Shakespeare.

His plays have motivated and brought about some of the greatest stories, some retold and others are new tales.Although many believe that the greatest man of Stratford may have not written his credited works.Shakespeare grew from an unknown amateur play writer and actoer to one of the greatest almost over night.To this day he still is on that stance.William Shakespeare was the true Shakespearean writer and actor from Stratford.William Shakespeare had become famous early in London.

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He had found fame in what he loved best, play writing and acting.This fame lasted throughout his entire lifetime and to this day still remains.William Shakespeare’s fame came quickly but his plays and poems came slowly, one by one.During the sixteen hundreds, the Shakespeare time period, there was no other evidence of another ‘Shakespeare’ in the public eye, except William Shakespeare the actor from Stratford.If he had not been the real Shakespeare or a fraud then surely the other actors and people around him would have known or would have at least been suspicious of him.

When people would refer to Shakespeare, the other writers, would be referring to the one and only Shakespeare the actor.If this Shakespeare were not for real he would not have been able to carry on for twenty years and keep his plays alive and thriving.They would have died off and would not have made history as they have.It is clear and true that William Shakespeare the actor was the great play writer and poem writer by the fame and glory which has been or had been heaped upon his memory after his death.William Basse, another poet, suggested that William, upon his death be buried in West Minster, Abbey.

He died in April of 1616, this shows us that the anti-stratford people who claimed that Shakespeare was someone else, some gre…