I. Everyday the United States uses nineteen million barrels of oil. Is it possible for us toever become independent from the Middle Eastern nations that supply us with that oil? B.

We could implement the new technology of hydrogen cars. C. We could also use the new electric cars. I. The US has its own oil wells, so why don’t we supply ourselves? A.

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Unfortunately the US contains only 3% of the worlds oil resources. B. Those deposits, found mostly in the Gulf of Mexico, are expected to dry up in II. Why not start to implement the newly discovered technology of hydrogen powered A. Unfortunately thefirst efficient, usable hydrogen cars are about a decade B.

Mass production of these vehicles would take even longer than that. C. Hydrogen is extremely dangerous, and would require extensive safety measures to ensure safety at fueling stations. This means rebuilding all of the III. What about electric cars;; we already have those developed. A.

True, these cars have already been developed, but they’re not to the point where they can match the standard gasoline cars of today. 1. They can not reach the speeds that gasoline powered cars do 2.

They are not as large as gasoline cars, limiting passenger and storage 3. They cant tow stuff like larger gas cars can. B. The lack of size and marketing is causing people to overlook these cars. Very few people are willing to buy them. 1.

Toyota has developed an electric car but is hopeful to sell only 17,000 2. That is less than 1% of Toyotas total US sales, indicating that since people wont buy them, manufacturers wont produce them. That way, it …