1. Faith is often compared to trust or is considered the same as trust. However this is completely erroneous since faith is far more complex and totally different from trust.

By its very essence Faith is independent of trust.For trust is a reliance on another being.However Faith is a completely awareness of the existence and beauty of another being. Thus In the metaphysical sense, faith is impossible to comprehend.

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For faith is the awareness of the divine or another being.Itis a movement towards unity between this two beings. Furthermore this movement lacks any doubt, fear , or misconceptions; it is pure. Movement towards unity contains love, and a relationship in which two beings share and express The final product of unity amongst two beings is described as a light.This light isa representation of the absolute oneness between two beings. It is an instrument which givens a being a sense of hope and fulfillment.

Hope in of itself is that movement towards unity.In its incense complexity this light represents that which engenders life.Life in this metaphysical sense is a quest for wisdom along with a movement towards unity with the divine.In essence the enrichment of the soul.

Moreover this life is far more complex than biological life which stops at death. Metaphysical life is one which continues due to faith, light, and hope. Biological life confines life to a period of time when a being's corporeality's are in existence. However metaphysical life refers to the existence of the soul.This soul in turn is eternal upon existence.Without faith the soul dies at the same time as the body and hope does not exist.

2. A man's freedom only exist in the metaphysical world.This freedom is obviously unlimited , for freedom by its very nature is unlimited. ..